Pricing and Implementation

It's tempting in the world of open source software to try and do it all yourself. But we urge you to consider getting help. Implementing an ERP system is one of the most consequential things a company can do - it's a lot more than just installing software.

OpenSurge can help look at your company with fresh eyes - map out a plan for implementing new software that fits the existing business processes you want to keep, and identifies areas for improvement and growth.  Now, we know some people see that and hear "con$ultant$."  But there's a great deal of specialized work in setting up the system, migrating and cleaning up old data, training your users, and providing real value-added advice in best practices for how to use xTuple tools for grouping and analyzing items, customers, and such.  All we ask is that you give it some thought - and talk to us first.

The pricing below is for the commercial Editions of xTuple ERP, which are licensed under your choice of an Annual subscription (similar to a rental model) or a Perpetual License to the software you purchase.  Software maintenance - which includes all updates, major and minor - is included in the Annual license.

Commercial licenses require a minimum 5-user purchase.  Please note that xTuple counts only concurrent users - that is, only that number logged on to the system at a given time.

  Standard Edition Manufacturing
Annual Pricing
(per user, per year)
 5-19 users $600 $1000
 20-29 users $540 $900
 30-49 users $480 $800
 50-74 users $420 $700
 75+ users $360 $600
Monthly Pricing is available for any of the above options, at a 20% premium. Easy math: Just take off the zero, and you've got the monthly cost per-user. An annual contract is still required, and the first three months are billed in advance. So, for example:
 5-19 users $60 $100
If you prefer a Perpetual License for the Standard or Manufacturing Edition, you pay once for the license (per user), and annual maintenance is priced at 18% of the then-current Perpetual License price. Maintenance is required for the first year, and highly recommended afterward (in fact, it's required to be eligible for support from xTuple or its partners).
 Perpetual License per user $1800 $3000
 Annual maintenance per user $324 $540

Implementation Consulting

We offer a QuickStart package that includes an initial site visit, project plan, and thirteen total days of implementation assistance to get you up and running quickly. If this is your first experience with ERP, and you're moving up from a desktop accounting package, this might be the easiest way to get started.

 OpenSurge QuickStart package, includes:

  • 2-day site survey/discovery
  • Project Plan deliverable
  • Discounted pack of 10 implementation days
  13 days total:   $14,000
 Our standard daily rate:   $1,400