xTuple Recognizes Open Source ERP Partner in Atlanta, GA

OpenSurge Group sought out an open source solution that would enable the small and midsize business to have all the functionality of big name ERP solutions at a fraction of the cost and one capable of running on Apple Mac OS X. Using those two criteria OpenSurge sought out and found xTuple ERP to be the best in class ERP solution for the small and midsize business.

OpenSurge Group LLC was recently highlighted in the Partner Showcase of xTupler - Open Source ERP News. Mitch Rushing, Managing Director of this Atlanta, GA based enterprise technology firm, sought out an open source solution that would enable the small and midsize business to have all the functionality of big name ERP solutions at a fraction of the cost. One of his other requirements was that the open source ERP solution would also be capable of running on Apple Mac OS X. Using those two criteria he sought out and found xTuple ERP as the obvious front runner. After downloading and evaluating xTuple, then getting to know the people behind the solution - he knew he had found the answer.

Beginning in the mid-90‘s as President of Interface LLC, Mitch’s drive for innovation and natural curiosity lead to the development of an integrated chemical supply chain management system. Using the still emerging internet and quickly adopting new technology and tools, his unique web-based solution quickly evolved to include cradle to grave container tracking, air emissions reporting, FAA required certifications and automated supply-chain replenishment - essentially creating an “application server provider” business model before the term was widely known. In 1998, Interface was recognized as "Small Business Supplier of the Year" by Delta Air Lines. Still used world-wide by two major airlines, the Interface approach became the model for the aviation chemical management industry.

Danielle Kerner, Director of Business Development at xTuple, recalls her initial contact with OpenSurge, “Mitch, who has always been an avid Mac user, saw an opportunity to provide an affordable solution to smaller companies with the same need as the bigger companies he had worked for. He decided to seek out not only an Open Source ERP solution but also one that didn't leave his fellow Mac users out in the cold. He saw in xTuple the best possible combination of features and cost for small businesses, particularly in the Mac world.”

Pushing the boundaries of how technology can enable a business to be more effective and better serve its customers has been a common thread throughout Mitch’s career. In the early 80’s he joined a growing specialty chemical manufacturer where he directed manufacturing, distribution and engineering operations and led the development of a fully integrated ERP system written in business basic. The business was later acquired by a public multi-national partly on the strength of his ERP technology, and Mitch was tapped to direct the manufacturing and engineering operations of the parent company, where he guided two process re-engineering teams, built a plant in the UK and integrated systems in Europe and Latin America.

Using information technology in innovative ways to solve business problems has always been core component of Mitch’s approach to management, which dovetails nicely into the xTuple model as explained by Wally Tonra, xTuple’s VP of Sales. “Inevitably there will be a problem (likely minor) that the ERP solution doesn't address directly - and while those problems are often addressed by making changes in the core product that can be available to all xTuple users, sometimes the requirement is just too unique. So in addition to making software that is easy for our customers to use, we have also made it as simple for other solutions to work with us, to offer our customers additional functionality, beyond the ERP, on our platform. If the platform is easy to develop software on, and well supported, then other application providers have incentive to develop for this platform. The Ecosystem grows. As the Platform continues to expand, it becomes more valuable for the entire community.”

OpenSurge is excited about the prospects for the xTuple ERP in the small and midsize marketplace, even in the current economy. An outlook echoed by Ned Lilly, CEO of xTuple, “we are very pleased with our success and have seen continued growth in 2009, as larger enterprises scrutinize their current software vendor relationships, and growing companies look for greater visibility into their operations to maximize profitability in tough times. The current economic climate has made more urgent the need for low-cost, high-value solutions that deliver immediate return on investment. As a result, more companies are looking to open source solutions. xTuple has been at the forefront of bridging the worlds of open source and ERP software, and will continue to innovate and lead in response to this massive market need.”

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