Collective Brainpower: xTuple unites the worlds of open-source software and manufacturing

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all ERP solution for all small manufacturing businesses. A cost of hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of dollars is just not an option for manufacturers whose survival may hinge on a $20 part holding up a million-dollar operation.

While there are entry-level options such as Quickbooks desktop accounting software , there is a large gap between those two choices, with little in between.

Enter Ned Lilly, CEO of xTuple, an open-source ERP software company based in Norfolk. Open source is a method of making software that allows users around the world to have free access to the “source code” of the software so they can make improvements or customizations to fit their business more quickly – and inexpensively.

“xTuple began life as OpenMFG,” Lilly explains. “As the name suggests, the company sought to bring together the worlds of open-source software and manufacturing.”

For Lilly, the two worlds are a match made in heaven.

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