OpenSurge Group Announces Hosted xTuple ERP Solution

OpenSurge has launched its latest innovation for the small business owner. Using open source xTuple ERP in a hosted environment, enabling the small business the advantages of a robust and scaleable ERP solution at a price that makes ecomomic sense. Many small and emerging businesses that are working to get their business off the ground focus on sales and marketing, getting the products manufactured and customers satisfied. One of the last things on their list to worry about is how they are going to manage their books, track inventory, schedule production or share information across the company. Rightfully so, the new business is almost exclusively concerned about generating sales and uses all their resources making that happen.

Typically many new and emerging companies in today’s economy, such as SustainTex an organization dedicated to environmentally and socially friendly fabrics manufactured in the USA, have a small footprint main office with employees located across the country. And use many of the available technology tools like integrated phone and web applications to stay on top of their operations. Using xTuple’s PostBooks Edition and OpenSurge’s hosted service, SustainTex can easily trace their growing list of products and customers and manage their supply-chain to effectively produce the sustainable fabrics and garments that their customers desire.

According to Jack Miller VP of Sales “we didn’t have the time and resources to acquire the hardware and implement an ERP solution, but using OpenSurge and xTuple we were able to implement a robust ERP that enables us to manage materials through our supply chain. In addition to materials management, using the integrated fully functional CRM (customer Relationship management) tool we are able to collaboratively manage new opportunities anywhere we have internet access.”

Mitch Rushing, OpenSurge’s Managing Director explained that “xTuple uses a thin client, which really resembles a specialized browser, to seamless and securely connect to the PostgreSQL database. We install the database on an Apple server at our hosting facility, which provides world class security and connectivity in addition to backing up the server each night. This allows our clients to take full advantage of xTuple without the need to install servers, manage a network and worry about their data.”

OpenSurge chose the Apple platform for hosting xTuple because the of the solid performance of Snow Leopard Server and the additional services that are available such as group collaboration using the Wiki Server component of the OS. xTuple is a cross-platform application allowing clients to run seamlessly on Mac, Windows or Linux.

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