Update for Open Source ERP Solution Adds DRP, Improved International Tax Management

San Francisco — August 14, 2009 — Software provider xTuple has release the latest version of its flagship open source enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, introducing improved international tax management among 100-plus updates to the offering.

In addition to new tax management capabilities, version 3.3 of xTuple ERP also includes a new distribution requirements planning (DRP) feature, with functionality allowing users to generate planned transfer orders (to move inventory, anticipated order blocks or indirect materials between warehouses, as an example) either manually or by using logic contained in xTuple's existing material requirements planning (MRP) algorithms.

Sponsored by xTuple customer Sitwell Furniture, a Mexico-based upholstery manufacturer and supplier for a major international furniture retailer, xTuple's DRP capability enables users to manage and release planned transfer orders with the same tools used to execute similar activities for other planned orders, the solution provider said.

In addition to its sponsorship of the DRP functionality, Sitwell also was part of a working group of users from five continents that contributed to the international tax development effort. Sitwell General Controller Alfredo Martinez noted, "Since going live with version 3.2 earlier this year, we have already seen tremendous efficiencies and improvements in our operations; now, with the features we helped develop for version 3.3, we have an ERP system that is well-tuned to even our most demanding business processes."

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