Webinar to learn more about how xTuple's CRM can help your business

Join xTuple Wednesday November 3rd, 1:15 EST for an in-depth look at our fully-integrated CRM Module.
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The integrated Corporate/Customer Relationship Management functionality is core to getting the most out of the xTuple application (PostBooks as well as Commercial Editions).

xTuple's CRM can help you organize, synchronize and manage ALL of your business contacts and communications, including sales and marketing opportunities, customer incident management, to-do lists and projects, and much more. Read More...

Webinar Series - Introduction of xTuple's New Web Portal

If you're running your business with xTuple ERP and CRM, now there's an easy way to work more seamlessly with your customers, suppliers, and anyone else with whom you do business.
The xTuple Web Portal - a simple, yet powerful tool to build deeper, more lasting business relationships. Now your customers, suppliers, and partners can interact with you directly on your website. Join us for this exciting webinar and learn about the new xTuple Web Portal and how it can help you run your business better and more efficiently!

Wednesday October 6
1:15 pm/est
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Part 4, Accounting Module - Life Beyond Quickbooks

In Part 4 of our webinar series we'll take an in-depth look at the xTuple Accounting Module and Life Beyond Quickbooks. The heart of any business system is Accounting, and xTuple ERP features a powerful General Ledger, which is tightly integrated in real time with the other modules of the system.

Webinar Series - Part 3, Manufacturing and Inventory Control Functionality

Join us as we take a closer look at the powerful tools available to manage your inventory, manufacturing, and distribution operations. This presentation will be especially valuable for companies that have some degree of manufacturing / packaging / assembly in their business.

We will focus on the tools and functionality available in all three xTuple product versions including our Free and Open Source edition, PostBooks. We will also cover some of the more advanced functionality found in our Standard and Manufacturing Editions. Read More...

Webinar Discussion about Open Source

Open Source is a term you might hear in technology circles, but does it have any relevance to the average business software user? What does it mean, what does it NOT mean, and what is the value proposition? Read More...

2010 Grow Expo

Collaboration is one of the most powerful concepts in this age of modern commerce, but we all know that concepts don’t drive business. In order for us to effectively enhance our current small business environment, we must put concept into action. One of the most effective examples of “collaboration in action” you will see here in the upstate is the 2010 GROW Expo. Read More...

Interested in learning more about xTuple open source ERP, accounting, and CRM?

Whether you're a PostBooks pro, interested in picking up a few tips & tricks or you've just started using xTuple - the Introduction to xTuple webinar is a great opportunity for users of all types to learn more about xTuple and how it can work for your business!
Free webinar is Wednesday, May 5 at 1:15 pm/est. Read More...

Accounting Software Expo

Curious about open source ERP? Join us and xTuple's VP of Sales Wally Tonra as we present at the Accounting Software Expo in Atlanta on May 20th. Read More...

Sneak Peek - xTuple's 3.5.0 Release

Sneak Peek - xTuple's 3.5.0 Release - Wednesday, April 7, 2010 1:15 PM - 2:15 PM EDT

Be among the first to see the exciting new features in the upcoming release of xTuple ERP version 3.5. Included in the hundreds of enhancements are drop-ship management for purchasing, fully customizable filters and other major additions to CRM, an embedded editor for xTuple's powerful MetaSQL query tool, and support for time and expense tracking in Projects Read More...

Time to quit QuickBooks? Free xTuple Webinar - March 3

Open source accounting, ERP, and CRM
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Join us Wednesday March 3rd
for Part 4 of xTuple webinar series.

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Wednesday March 3rd.

Part 2 of the xTuple ERP Webinar

Interested in learning more about xTuple's CRM capabilities?

Join us for Part II of our Webinar Series as we take an in depth look at our CRM module. Read More...

Introduction to xTuple ERP Webinar

Here's a great chance to get introduced to open source ERP from xTuple. Wally Tonra, VP of Sales, will lead you through a 1 hour live demonstration of xTuple ERP. Read More...