Accounting Solutions for the Small Business

Open source xTuple ERP is a great solution for the small business. This open source accounting software package has all the functionality that you’ll need and can grow with your business. The xTuple suite includes open source solutions for MRP, DRP, CRM - so that you can manage your supply chain, inventory in multiple locations and relationships with customers and vendors alike.

There are three versions of open source xTuple ERP.

PostBooks - This is the FREE open source edition - General Ledger, Inventory, Sales, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Manufacturing, Bills of Materials, CRM and more.

Standard Edition - PostBooks plus — Multiple sites and companies, lot/serial control and batch manager. Great for distributors and light manufacturing

Manufacturing Edition - Standard Edition plus all the enterprise functionality for complex manufacturing operations including Master Production Scheduling and Bills of Operations.

How do I get PostBooks?
Download the PostBooks Installer. This is a complete package that includes the xTuple client, the PostgreSQL server, and three pre-configured databases to help you get started. Use the demo database to "play" with the application or use the "quick start" database to add your own parts and customers. By default, the installer installs the xTuple ERP for small business client and database on a single computer which is ideal for testing the software yourself.
How do I use PostBooks?
For new PostBooks users we offer a series of demonstration videos. To get started, download and install PostBooks using the installer package. The demo database that comes with the installer package includes sample data that you can use to test some of the features of this open source accounting software package.
Interested in one of the commercially licensed versions?
Then sign up for an online demo. This will allow you to play with your own database on our severs and is a great way for you to experience the application.
Or let us host a demonstration for you. We would love to walk you through open source xTuple ERP in an online meeting. This is a quick way to introduce you to xTuple ERP and provides a foundation for you to explore our solutions on your own with the online demo or your own version of PostBooks.