Hosted Open Source ERP and Accounting

Open source xTuple ERP is a robust solution for the small and midsize business providing you the tools you need for supply chain management, manufacturing, CRM and accounting.
Don’t want the hassle of a server? Then check out our hosted ERP solution.

With so many new terms floating about like cloud ERP, online ERP, ERP Saas, cloud computing ERP and even ERP on the cloud (or is that ERP in the cloud?); its easy to get overwhelmed. So to simplify, instead of putting a server inside your network, let us manager your server and database - but instead of a server in your office, we’ll put it in our data center. Follow the link to all the information about Hosted xTuple ERP.

If you’re new or just learning about open source xTuple ERP then you’ll want to learn about PostBooks Edition, Standard Edition and Manufacturing Edition.

You certainly wouldn’t pick an ERP and Accounting software solution just because it is a hosted ERP. We encourage you to test drive xTuple. You can use the PostBooks Installer to download a complete PostBooks package that includes the xTuple client, the PostgreSQL server, and a number of pre-configured databases to help you get started. By default, the installer installs the client and the database on a single computer.

Another option is to sign up for an online demo. This will allow you to play with your own database on our severs and is a great way for you to experience the application. Not only will you be able to evaluate the ERP software, but you will also experience hosted xTuple ERP - a great way to find out about cloud computing and xTuple at the same time.

Of course we would love opportunity to walk you through the application - so request a hosted demo using an online meeting. This is a quick way to introduce you to xTuple ERP and provides a foundation for you to explore our solutions on your own with the online demo or your own version of PostBooks.

Whether you want your open source xTuple ERP hosted on a Mac server or a Linux server by Rackspace - we can have you up and running in under 24 hours!